Chiropractic for Kids



Children may have spinal problems without back pain.

Children thru everyday life results in twisting, turning, jerking and falling and altering the spine which is disigned for protecting of the nervous system and the future health of the child is determined by a good spine.

Mild to serious injuries may result in spinal curvatures, misalignments, subluxations and other structural disorders and should be evaluated chiropractically.

 Hyperactivity and Bedwetting

As with bedwetting, children who suffer from hyperactivity or attention deficit are also frequently misunderstood. Many of these children also have poor concentration, learning disabilities, behavior problems, and therefore may have difficulty in school. Often the problem can be linked to an abnormality in the nervous system. A well-documented study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showed chiropractic treatment to be beneficial for children clinically diagnosed as hyperactive. Chiropractic treats subluxations of the spine and not specific conditions as above are helped.


Spinal Curvatures

Good spinal development is essential for good posture. Many times a child has the inability to sit up straight or stand straight and we parents keep telling our children to “stand up straight?”.  Did it ever occur to you that maybe he or she can’t? It is common that adult postural problems and excessive curvatures start during in early childhood. Scoliosis is a good example, which is an “s-shaped” curvature of the spine that is noticeable when viewing from behind. Research reports that about 10% of the adolescent population has some form of scoliosis. Delay of treatment can lead to serious and even life threatening diseases of the heart and lungs. Consequently, it is important to bring your children in for chiropractic checkups during spinal during development.